Sand Sea and Spirit

September 27 to October 7, 2014


Another Great Partner for Local Shuttle


$5 Shuttle Service in Orange Beach, AL!

Please support this new, business partner...

Coastal Express is a shuttle transportation business operating in Orange Beach, and Gulf Shores Al; Perdido Key and Pensacola, Florida. They offer $5 per person transportation anywhere in Orange Beach Alabama, with additional fees for surrounding areas.

Call 251-923-8336

Flights into Pensacola



Sand Sea and Spirit details are being finalized... and for those looking to finalize flights, many airlines are offering reasonable rates at this time.  If you are looking for comparisons, my favorite is 

Southwest is not included in Priceline; however they are running specials which end today (8/14/2014) -- and I love the two bags checked free. :-)  You may not need two bags if you are traveling light - bathing suits and such - since the weather will be phenomenal during the Retreat. But it's sure nice to have that option.

Can't wait to see everyone... Lots of surprises and exciting things happening this year.

Experience .... a feeling you will want to keep with you forever.

Experience ... Sand Sea and Spirit.


Sand Sea and Spirit featured in Natural Awakenings


Digital issue of Natural Awakenings -- features Sand Sea and Spirit. Love the articles on Essential Oils for summertime, vegan smoothies and health movement, as well as organic farming. Check it out:

Love Our Natural Awakenings Magazine Ad


Great news. For the next three months, Sand Sea and Spirit will be featured in the Natural Awakenings magazines and websites. :-)  Advertising in the Pensacola, Emerald Coast and Panama City magazines highlights our connection to this Gulf Coast community.

Along with the paper magazine, we will be featured in the online media and.... their app.

Thank you, Scott, for your assistance. Please visit their website and download their app "NWFNaturally."

If you are interested in co-oping into some of the additional advertising, please let me know. It's a great way to inform our local family about you!




Life is a Canvas - San Roc Cay Marina


Doe Hart 2014.06.17

It was wonderful being with everyone on Friday and getting excited about all the possibilities for our retreat this year. I have found a business at San Roc Cay Marina that offers Painting Parties and thought that could be a fun activity. I'm waiting to hear if they would bring the party to is but if not it could be a fun night out. For those not wanting to paint there are stores and restaurants as well as the Marina that could be explored. The business is called Life is a Canvas so check out their web site and see what you think.

Retreat Gathering


If you have ideas or suggestions to enhance the Sand Sea and Spirit experience, join us this evening from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. For those who haven't joined the "Town Meetings" held at the Retreat each year, this is a perfect opportunity to share what you think would make Sand Sea and Spirit even better.

Please bring a snack to share -- Maureen Mahoney will provide coffee and tea.

Contact me for address: or call me (337-794-0062) and I will text address to you.

See you then. :-)


"All Inclusive Options"


Another tradition coming back this year is the "All Inclusive" Retreat Option. If you would like to have one transaction cover all the arrangements for the Retreat - and a couple of extras, this is for you!

Seven Day "All Inclusive" Retreat - includes:

  • private bedroom in three bedroom condo - (other condo arrangements available at alternative rate).
  • participation fees
  • meals - breakfast and your dishes prepared for dining in the Community Meals
  • two private sessions - including energy or body work, intuitive sessions, and lots more
  • all presentations and events each day
  • zoo admission if you participate in the Animal Totem classes
  • visits to the Community Pantry for your personal needs.
  • Total - $1000

Ten Day "All Inclusive" Retreat - includes:

  • all of the above
  • an additional private session - three total
  • Total - $1370

This is a great opportunity to really relax, enjoy the beautiful beaches and events! Contact Karen for additional information or reservations! Travel not included.


For a feeling you will want to keep with you... Forever.

"Zen of Soap Making"


" Zen of Soap Making" - Join Paul and Cindy Freedman as they demonstrate the "Zen of Soap Making."  This will be a hands on, interactive class. You will experience the Zen -- and have soap you created to take with you. 

A small fee to cover materials will be charged. Please RSVP.

"Meditation through Movement" Daily Class


"Meditation through Movement"

More exciting news!  Cindy Freedman just confirmed -- she will be teaching a "Meditation through Movement" Daily Class at the Retreat this year.  Many of us attended Cindy's classes over the years -- she is magnificent at belly dance, hula along with other dance expressions.

This year, she is combining a number of basic dance movements into her own unique style creating this "Meditation through Movement." I can't wait!!!

One of the beautiful things about our new condo - "Room 001" --  is she will be able to teach in the grassy area.                               Mark your calendar!

Understanding Animal Totems





One of the highlighted presentations this year is an in-depth look at Animal Totems.

This will feature a three part event meant to expand your knowledge of our connection with our animal brothers and sisters. Sign up in advance.

1.     A class on The Basics of Animal Totems lead by Thunderbird.

2.     Another morning to visit the zoo and see what experiences you may have with Animal Totems or Communication. You would then have time to journal or meditate on your personal perceptions. This would be a half day workshop in the morning. Pack a picnic lunch or have a community lunch that day. Either 10 am to 1 pm or 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. They do offer special pricing for groups of 13 or more which includes using a covered shelter. Each person responsible for their admission to the zoo. Carpool wherever possible.

3.     Gather once again. Watch the movie “Zookeeper” and share insights. There will also be a surprise portion in recognizing animal medicine.

If you wish to check out the zoo’s website -

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